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Leadership coaching, strategic planning and organizational analysis, and early career mentoring for the arts and culture industry.

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Moments of change leave many organizations maintaining the status quo.

Regardless of when change comes, moving forward can leave an organization with a disengaged team feeling directionless and unstable. It doesn’t have to be that way.

What we do has your organization's future in mind.

Here's how to bring positive momentum in building capacity.

Enhance Your Leadership Effectiveness

Savvy leaders coalesce a team with thoughtful leadership strategies and build a collaborative work environment. In other words, they bring out the best in their team.

Elevate Your Team's Results

High-impact teams perform at their best when they have clarity about expectations and are invested in meeting defined goals.
Doing so helps to retain your best talent.

Grow Your Organization's Community Impact

Holistic organizational analysis and
strategic planning activities focused on attracting new audiences and deepening relationships with existing ones result in a sustainable organization.

A thriving arts and cultural sector is just as important to us as you having a
high-impact team.

"Being a CEO can be an isolating
experience, but J.L. helps me break through my personal roadblocks, acting as a thought partner I can trust to provide honest, direct, and insightful feedback. J.L. is an invaluable Executive Coach who has brought me confidence, clarity, and the capacity to achieve so much more than I could otherwise.”

– John Hampton, Executive Director and CEO, MacKenzie Art Gallery

“We found the experience of working with J.L. to be both productive and challenging. Calmly but firmly, he encouraged us to question some of our assumptions and most of our practices. By doing so, we were able to make sales advances we had long desired."

– Mark Fields, Executive Director, The Grand Opera House

Our expertise is designed to propel organization forward.

We focus our implementation support on these areas to help you get there.

Leadership Coaching

Being a leader can be an isolating
experience. All eyes are on you to
provide solutions to complex
problems. Leadership Coaching
provides you with a trusted and
confidential thought partner
shepherding you through the
process of solving challenges and
pursuing opportunities.

Early-Career Mentoring

Executives and departmental leaders find themselves navigating new and complex situations. These days, it feels like pivoting on the hour and ever-changing environments.
Early-Career Mentoring provides individual attention to an early-career team member so that they develop further faster.

Strategic Planning & Organizational Analysis

Many organizations develop tunnel vision over time. They start to see more limitations than possibilities. Strategic Planning & Organizational Analysis shifts your perspective by assessing your environment, challenging assumptions, and providing an objective critique while also walking your team through implementation.

Your transformation begins here.

1. Schedule a call

Our free strategy sessions are no-pressure conversations designed to help us understand your needs and goals.

2. Have a Free Strategy Session

During our time together, we will outline an approach that makes sense and an implementation timeline. We will also provide industry-leading insight.

3. Transform Your Team, Your Organization, Your Career

As your partner, we will get you started with your engagement and support you throughout with implementation of your goals.

Realizing Your True Potential.

Change at an organization can either be a propelling or stifling force. Whenever that time comes, moving forward is positive momentum for a team attempting to solve challenges or pursue opportunities. Nave Strategies works alongside nonprofits to ensure that organizations leverage their institutional momentum through Leadership Coaching, Early-Career Mentoring, and Strategic Planning. By doing so, clients realize their team's true potential, utilize change as moments of possibility, and stay focused on long-term growth.

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J.L. Nave III, Principal

Rooted in his time as president/CEO at the Baton Rouge Symphony (2000-06) and Fort Wayne Philharmonic (2006-14), J. L. Nave launched Nave Strategies to work alongside nonprofits to focus them around an institutional vision to build positive momentum. Those experiences managing orchestras developed his skills in balancing the needs of diverse constituencies, providing calm and effective leadership in times of crisis, and keeping the organization relevant to the community's evolving needs.

J.L. has diversified his knowledge and honed his expertise with other arts disciplines as a facilitator, teacher, and coach during his time as a Senior Consultant with TRG Arts. J.L. understands that one approach that works for one person or organization may fall flat somewhere else. This skilled flexibility has created an astute understanding of how to propel an organization forward through solving challenges and pursuing opportunities.

J.L.'s formal education consists of a bachelor's degree in conducting from Belmont University and master's degrees in arts administration and business administration from the University of Cincinnati.


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