Many organizations use a leadership transition as an opportunity to save.  The board names someone to "mind the store" while searching for the new executive. It doesn't take long for the organization to lose momentum and focus, and even miss out on revenue generating opportunities.

At Nave Strategies, we will invest our expertise in your team to keep the organization on track and to create opportunities for growth. This organizational optimization will pave the way for new leadership to hit the ground running from day one.


In our engagement, your organization will benefit from a three-pronged approach to interim management:


Interim management


  • This is the primary goal of our engagement - to provide steady leadership through turbulent times

  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the organization

  • Strategize, support and regularly communicate to the Board progress on achieving the organization’s goals

  • Provide candid and supportive feedback, present solutions, and support the Board’s decisions on implementation

  • Evaluate and enhance current revenue-generating practices

  • Build trust (and results) more quickly as someone who is both dedicated to your objectives and not a candidate for the permanent position


Unlock untapped potential


  • Work with the Board to identify and address specific challenges

  • Conduct a comprehensive organizational assessment and make recommendations

  • Strengthen inter- and intra-departmental communication and cooperation

  • Assist with onboarding your new executive leader

Ongoing learning


  • Build on the expertise of your staff to maximize impact

  • Align current marketing and development policies with best practices in planning, implementation, and evaluation

  • Evaluate and implement how to effectively use data to inform decisions

  • Provide staff professional development opportunities tailored to your needs and aspirations