While all services are customized to each client, there is sometimes a project or need that would benefit from unbiased counsel but doesn’t fit into one of the other categories. Special projects can happen over a specific amount of time or be open-ended.

Examples of special projects are:

  • Assess your organization’s activities and results over multiple years using objective data measurements

  • Identify individual and collective strengths of your staff, and how to maximize those strengths

  • Identify key performance metrics (KPIs) and develop a dashboard

  • Facilitate a board or organizational retreat

  • Plan for a special event or need


We know that resources currently available to arts organizations are slim. Special projects are a way to get substantial results at a lower financial cost. Nave Strategies builds on 25+ years of experience to provide affordable leadership and thought partnership to meet the current needs of arts organizations and prepare them to thrive in the “new normal.”

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