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a thriving organization.


Practical advice and services for small and mid-sized arts and cultural organizations.

Enhance Your Impact
Elevate Your Team
Strengthen Your Organization

Overtaxed teams invest tremendous energy for underwhelming results.

It’s the truth. Whether it is financial pressures, staff turnover, or an uncertain season, your team is doing the best they can. Sometimes, moving from surviving to thriving requires a little help.

Propelling your organization forward starts with you.

Your Leadership Impact

Savvy leaders coalesce a team with thoughtful leadership strategies and build a collaborative work environment. In other words, they bring out the best in their team.

Your Team’s Results

High-impact teams perform at their best when they have clarity about expectations, receive the support they need, and work within their capacity. Doing so helps to retain your best talent.

Your Organization

Building a sustainable organization means identifying today’s priorities and cultivating tomorrow’s opportunities. This foundation aligns a team around focused goals. 


A thriving arts and cultural sector is just as important to us as you having a high-impact team.

"Being a CEO can be an isolating experience. J.L. helped me break through my roadblocks, acting as a thought partner I can trust to provide honest, direct, and insightful feedback. He's an invaluable Executive Coach who has brought me confidence, clarity, and the capacity to achieve so much more.”


John Hampton

Executive Director and CEO

MacKenzie Art Gallery

“We found the experience of working with J.L. to be both productive and eye-opening. Calmly but firmly, he encouraged us to question some of our assumptions and most of our practices.  By doing so, we were able to make sales advances we had long desired."

Mark Fields.jpeg

Mark Fields

Executive Director

The Grand Opera House

Expertise designed to help you get there.



Personalized one-on-one coaching for early-career team members to experienced leaders. 

  • Thought partner for solving challenges and pursuing opportunities.

  • Practical skill development for early-career professionals.

  • Insight on navigating team member relationships.



Our tools, reports, and assessments are for those moments when you need a reliable partner to put time back in your day so you or your team can focus on other priorities.

  • Organizational Analysis

  • Marketing and Fundraising Campaign Planning

  • Data-informed Budgeting Workbooks



Our strategic planning prioritizes the balance between money and mission alongside your team’s capacity. Strategic planning shifts your perspective and sets your team up for successful implementation by:

  • Assessing your environment 

  • Challenging assumptions

  • Providing an objective critique

Business Conference
Transforming your organization



Schedule a Call

Our free strategy consults are conversations designed to help us understand your needs and goals.


Have a Free Strategy Consult

During our time together, we will outline the types of support we can provide to help you achieve the results you desire. We will also share industry best practices. 


Confidently Lead Your Team

As your partner, we will get you started with your engagement and support you throughout with implementation of your goals.

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Lead your team

"My team is doing the best they can, but..." is something we hear all the time. And it is true. Moving from surviving to thriving does require a little help, and we will be with you every step of the way. 


At Nave Strategies, we provide practical advice and services for small and mid-sized arts and cultural organizations. Whether it is coaching, customized timesavers, or strategic planning, our services will help you lead with confidence and propel your organization forward.


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