Nearly every organization develops tunnel vision over time. They start to see more limitations than possibilities by only seeing what is right in front of them.

At Nave Strategies, we help shift your perspective by assessing your environment, challenging assumptions, and providing objective analysis. Widening your vision to these focal points sets your organization up to thrive and see the true potential for long-term growth and impact on your community.

Our strategic planning partnership will extend beyond the creation of a plan. While every project is tailored to each organization's needs, the work is generally organized in four phases:

Phase 1 - Assessment
  • Assess your organization's activities and results over the past five years as an objective, data-based tool to identify strengths and opportunities

  • Understand how each component (board, artists, staff, volunteers) relates to your organization as a whole and impacts your organization's work

  • Focus on staff to identify individual and collective strengths, and how to maximize those strengths to benefit your organization


Phase 2 - Formulation
  • Review your existing mission and/or vision statements, or create them if needed

  • Discuss and articulate your organization's goals for the next 3-5 years

  • Identify how each component of your organization relates to these goals


Phase 3 - Prepare for Implementation
  • Create a written plan that identifies strategies and action steps to be implemented in the first 12 months - including timelines and who will be accountable

  • Develop a regular, ongoing process to hold your organization accountable to the plan and adapt the plan to changes in your organization or environment

Phase 4 - Follow-up Support
  • After Phase 3 is complete, we will remotely attend up to three strategic implementation meetings over the next three months to assist with questions, work through start-up challenges, and celebrate your successes.