J.L. Nave III

25+ Years Experience

15 Years as a Chief Executive

MA in Arts Administration and

MBA degrees from the University of Cincinnati


I believe the "why" matters. What motivates me every day is to use my experience, inquisitiveness, and passion so that, together, we can continue inspiring, educating, challenging, and entertaining your community. I am a data geek and lean on data to inform, but not dictate, difficult decisions. I am driven by getting results and implementing positive changes whose impact will last well beyond our partnership.


Results are the bottom-line measure of success. Some sample results...

As a chief executive:

  • Eliminated over $1 million in debt during the 2002-03 season. Posted the first three consecutive annual net revenues in 20+ years wiping out a cumulative operating deficit of $500,000.

  • Implemented institutional vision and strategic planning processes to establish a unified vision throughout the organization and unite the various internal constituents around common goals.

  • Focused staff and financial resources on audience development and retention, including a first-time subscriber program which resulted in more than 200 new Classical series subscribers in the first year with a 90% retention rate in the second year.

As a consultant:

  • 34% increase in ticket and annual fund revenue over two years for an $8 million regional theater company.

  • Restructured subscription packages for a college-based performing arts center resulting in a 359% increase in packages over two years.

  • Established a fixed-seat Broadway subscription for a $12 million performing arts center resulting in 950 packages sold in the first year while also increasing flex subscription admissions by 72%.


J.L. Nave III launched his consulting practice after spending most of his career as the President/CEO at the Baton Rouge Symphony (2000-06) and Fort Wayne Philharmonic (2006-14). It is those experiences managing orchestras that developed his skills in how to focus an organization around one institutional vision, balance the needs of diverse constituencies, provide calm and effective leadership in times of crisis, and keep the organization relevant to the evolving needs of the community.


As a Senior Consultant at TRG Arts, J.L. diversified his knowledge and experience with other arts disciplines – their opportunities, challenges, and operational realities. He also strengthened his skills as a facilitator, teacher, and coach. J.L. understands an approach that works for one person or organization may fall flat somewhere else. This need for flexibility has filled his experiential toolbox with ways to get results.


J.L.'s formal education consists of a bachelor’s degree in conducting from Belmont University as well as master’s degrees in arts administration and business administration from the University of Cincinnati.