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Customized Timesavers for focusing your priorities and decision-making. 

Putting time back in your day isn't a luxury. It's a necessity.

To plan for tomorrow, you and your team need to understand where you are today. Our tools, reports, and assessments are foundational for leveraging growth opportunities.

Arts and cultural organizations benefit from timesavers.

and unbiased partner.
prognosis and planning.
best practices.
Playing the Piano in the Street

Your success is ours too.

“Every organization is different; using a hard and fast template would not have worked well for our small budget, multi-faceted organization. Nave Strategies made the process much easier for our small staff and busy board members. We feel confident and equipped to move forward with clarity of focus and priorities.


Karen Dusek

Managing Director
Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes

How we support you and your team.

Four ways to focus priorities and decision-making.

Organizational Analysis

Marketing Campaign Planning

Fundraising Campaign Planning

Budgeting Workbooks

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Transforming your organization



Schedule a Call

Our free strategy sessions are conversations designed to help us understand your needs and goals.


Have a Free Strategy Session

During our time together, we will outline the types of support we can provide to help you achieve the results you desire. We will also share industry best practices. 


Confidently Lead Your Team

As your partner, we will get you started with your engagement and support you throughout with implementation of your goals.

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Move your organization forward

"My team is doing the best they can, but..." is something we hear all the time. And it is true. Moving from surviving to thriving does require a little help, and we will be with you every step of the way. 


At Nave Strategies, we provide practical advice and services for the arts and cultural industry. Whether it is coaching, customized timesavers, or strategic planning, our services will help you lead with confidence and propel your organization forward.


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