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A professional lifeline for when you need it.

Bespoke strategy sessions offer timely and trusted advice.

Even the most experienced leader has phone-a-friend moments.

We'll be that thought partner in your corner.

Hassle-free online booking for busy executives.
Benefit from our years of industry knowledge.
Meet every opportunity with confidence.
Orchestra Audience

Your success is ours too.

“I have always been impressed with how tirelessly J.L. works to help artists achieve their goals. Most of all, it is his unflappable nature that sets him apart. No problem is too big. No conversation is too complicated. Everything he does is approached with calm stability that sets everyone at ease and makes them ready to meet opportunities head-on.”

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Matthew Phelps

Artistic Director
Vocal Arts Nashville


Bespoke Strategy Sessions

For thought partnership, prepping for a new hire, and so much more.

  • One 1-to-1 Session

    Valid for 90 days
    • Easy online scheduling
    • 1 one-hour session with one person from your organization
    • Valid for 90 days after purchase
  • Best Value

    Five 1-to-1 Sessions

    Valid for one year
    • Easy online scheduling
    • 5 one-hour sessions with one person from your organization
    • One-time purchase valid for 12 months after purchase
  • VIP Strategy Package

    Every month
    • Easy online scheduling
    • Up to 8 one-hour sessions per month with one or more people
    • 5 hours offline support per month
    • Recurring monthly charge may be cancelled at any time
    • 50% off one customized timesaver after three months
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Your professional lifeline support



Select Your Package

Select the Bespoke Strategy Session package that best meets your needs and easily pay online.


Look for Our Email

We'll send you a follow-up email with all the information you need to book your session.


Book Your Session

Review the online calendar to select a time that works for you to get the advice you deserve.

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Move your organization forward

"My team is doing the best they can, but..." is something we hear all the time. And it is true. Moving from surviving to thriving does require a little help, and we will be with you every step of the way. 


At Nave Strategies, we provide practical advice and services for the arts and cultural industry. Whether it is coaching, customized timesavers, or strategic planning, our services will help you lead with confidence and propel your organization forward.


Not sure what to expect?
Book a free 30-minute Consult

This time could be used to solicit outside feedback for an existing plan, work through a specific challenge, or help identify where to start when you may be trying to "do it all."

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