Invest in yourself, your staff, and your organization

The next few months are going to be vital as presenters, music, theater, and dance companies approach the beginning of their season. Additionally, museums and galleries may consider reopening on a limited basis.

In this complex and ever-changing environment, lost opportunities and unintentional missteps can result in thousands of dollars of unrealized net income. Access to an experienced and trustworthy partner is not just about professional development. It can have a very real impact on your bottom line.

Every partnership is tailored to meet the client’s individual needs. Here are two examples of how you and your organization could benefit:

​Scenario #1

You have a new marketing director. They are sharp, excited, and ambitious. This is the first time they have held this kind of position and you see the value of hiring a mentor to set this new marketing director up for success.


Your organization sold 30,000 single tickets last season at an average price of $50 and you have set the expectation that your new marketing director will increase single ticket units for the new season by 10%.


Assuming a monthly retainer fee of $600, here is what your investment in coaching looks like in terms of ticket units: 500 additional tickets would mean a 1.5% increase on top of the 10% you already expected (an ROI of 247%). What would you need to sell just to break even? That would be only 144 additional tickets sold.

Scenario #2

You are an experienced executive director of a $3 million arts organization with 6 staff members. These are unprecedented times that require careful thought and decisions that will impact how the organization re-emerges after the pandemic subsides.

You have to make decisions about next season, ensure your staff is staying focused, plan for the unknown, negotiate with artists, manage the board, and overall keep the organization afloat. All of this while keeping yourself motivated and focused.

It's easy to imagine the impact of working with a coach could directly result in $10,000 of retained or increased net income over the course of the season. That could happen with just one decision. How much more could you accomplish with an experienced partner that is an outside pair of eyes and has your back? Assuming a monthly retainer fee of $600, this is an investment that could pay for itself many times over!

What is included

  • A one-hour remote coaching session each week

  • Opportunity for additional support in between sessions by email, phone, and Zoom

  • Someone to celebrate your successes!


Priced to be accessible for organizations of all sizes

Contracts are available for as low as $500 per month.

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