Invest in yourself, your staff, and your organization

Executives and departmental leaders find themselves navigating complex and ever-changing environments regularly. These days, it feels like pivoting on the hour. Our Leadership Coaching & Mentoring is tailored to the organization's needs and customized based on the experience level of the individual.

Access to an experienced and trustworthy advisor is not only about developing a relationship with someone who intimately understands the challenges faced by any leader. It's about building a relationship with a partner who helps you find solutions focused on strengthening, inspiring, and empowering you, your people, and the organization you represent.

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Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching is for the seasoned executive who values collegial dialogue, idea sharing, and creative problem-solving in addressing immediate or long-term organizational challenges.

What to expect

  • The executive drives the weekly agenda.

  • Sample topics include internal team and/or board management, opportunity development and planning, and budget analysis and process.

  • Data analysis as needed.

Executive Leadership Mentoring

Executive Leadership Mentoring is for the recently advanced executive who is looking for an industry expert who can guide them and their team through successfully implem-enting immediate and longer-term plans.

What to expect

  • The work plan and goals are jointly created based on specific needs and opportunities. 

  • Focus on narrowing the “first-year” learning curve around: leading a team, budgeting, staff structure, and board relations.

  • Data analysis as needed.

Departmental Leadership Mentoring

Departmental Leadership Mentoring is for the early-career or recently advanced departmental leader who would benefit from a professional mentor relationship and opportunities to hone necessary skills.

What to expect

  • The departmental leader, executive director and Nave Strategies jointly create a work plan and goals based on specific needs and opportunities.

  • Focus on honing critical skills like: leading a team, budgeting, and resource management, and best practices.

  • Data analysis as needed.