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Create a Unified Operations Calendar

Small and mid-sized arts and cultural organizations are usually running at full speed.

Stopping to plan feels like a luxury they can't afford.

But I've learned in my career that taking time to plan is the key to leading a more successful and less stressed team. 

Create a Shared Excel Workbook


The process I've found works best is setting up a big Excel workbook.

Each column will represent a department or area of the organization.

Each row will represent one week.  

Find a Time to Plan Together


Once you have everything set up, it's time to plan.

Carve out at least three hours with each person responsible for one of the columns, preferably off-site to minimize disruptions.

Then start with the first column and write in the dates and summary of each deliverable, event, meeting, performance, or key deadline.  


After you work your way across all the columns, review each week to see where you may have conflicting activity.

I'll admit this is tedious work, but taking the time to do this resolves a lot of fires before they get started. 


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