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Use Benefits To Encourage Entry-Level Donations

This Quick Tip is the first in a series of three videos that will explore ways to grow your donor base in three broad categories – entry-level, mid-level, and major donors.

Here are three important points to keep in mind when soliciting entry-level donors.

Understand your prospects

The most likely people to make an entry-level gift to your organization are those who already attend or visit regularly but haven’t made the next step to becoming a donor.

If asked, they may already self-identify as a supporter of your organization.

Meeting these prospects where they are will make your campaign more effective.

Offer experiential benefits

These prospects are most motivated by benefits that enhance their experience when they attend a performance or visit your gallery.

Think about benefits like having their name listed in the program, free coat check service, or access to discounted parking.

These perks not only make their experience more enjoyable but also create a sense of belonging.

Create an incentive ladder

To encourage donors to increase their giving in the future, make sure you have a 'carrot' at each donor level.

For example, if someone donates a bit more, they could gain access to exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, private receptions, or even a meet-and-greet with artists.

These incentives can motivate donors to step up their support to the next higher level.

This Quick Tip highlights the power of offering benefits that encourage entry-level donations.

Understand your prospects, offer experiential benefits, and create an incentive ladder to entice increased giving.

By doing so, you'll not only enhance their experience but also foster a stronger sense of community and support for your organization.


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