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Use Benefits to Encourage Major Donations

When it comes to fundraising, major donors are your champions for impact and change.

Let's explore what motivates them to give generously and how to inspire their support.

Here are three key points to consider:

Highlight their impact

Major donors are often motivated by the opportunity to make a substantial difference.

Offer benefits that allow them to see and understand the profound impact of their gift.

This could include exclusive access to witnessing the transformative work your organization does, behind-the-scenes experiences, or the chance to meet the beneficiaries of their support.

Foster relationships

Major donors value meaningful connections.

Provide benefits like access to your organization's leadership, insider information on upcoming projects, and the opportunity to collaborate on tailor-made initiatives aligned with their unique interests and philanthropic goals.

Add a personal touch

Take the time to understand your major donors' interests and preferences.

Customize your benefits to their liking.

If they're passionate about a specific art form or artist, offer experiences related to that interest, like a private dinner with a renowned performer or a curator-led tour through your gallery.

By keeping these three points in mind, you'll not only supercharge your fundraising efforts but also nurture deeply committed and passionate patrons who are eager to drive your organization's mission forward.


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