Nave Strategies helping Delaware Theatre Company achieve more with less

Like most arts organizations during the pandemic, Delaware Theatre Company is having to find ways to get the work done with fewer resources than normal.

DTC was “fortunate” to have a couple of staff vacancies just as the pandemic was taking off. The savings from these vacancies have helped lessen the impact on their remaining staff. And yet, there is still work to be done (although not at the volume or intensity of a typical season).

That is why DTC asked Nave Strategies to provide marketing and development support for a few hours each week. This is helping them stay focused on what matters related to their patrons while still protecting almost all of their staff expense savings.

If your arts organization is temporarily without the marketing or development support you need, let's find a time to talk! Nave Strategies provides an affordable alternative at a time when the workload may be diminished in the short-term, but there is still work to be done.

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