State Theatre NJ is making lemonade with Nave Strategies

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This impeccably describes what State Theatre New Jersey is doing in partnership with Nave Strategies.

State Theatre will celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2021. In recognition of this milestone, they are on the tail end of a four-year, $26.5M capital campaign to fund much needed renovations to their building. These renovations will substantially update State Theatre’s facilities to modern codes and conveniences. Many of the renovations are also greatly anticipated by their patrons.

Prior to March 2020, the plan was to find one or more alternate venues for the 16-18 months the theater would be closed for renovations. Having an off-site season would require subscriber seats be moved to fit the alternate venue’s seat map. Additionally, all patrons would be asked to adjust to a different venue for the season.

Now that in-person performances are not possible over the next several months, State Theatre is taking advantage of a difficult situation by starting renovations earlier than expected. This will allow renovations to be made in less time, and it saves them from addressing the patron relation challenges that come with a temporary move.

While internal plans for the renovation were being accelerated, State Theatre was communicating with patrons about ticket credits and the fate of previously announced shows. This was necessary communication and solely focused on the past.

Nave Strategies suggested keeping patrons engaged over the next year by turning up the volume on the excitement of the new space. There are also opportunities to raise money with a major renovation. Those opportunities don’t have to be lost because we’re in a pandemic, but they do require a different approach:

Let’s get ready for our new home! Convert your tickets to a donation to have a higher spot on the list when we assign seats in the renovated theater. Better yet, donate the full value of your 2020-21 subscription to get even higher priority!

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