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Create a Hiring Checklist

Staff turnover, for any reason, can be a major disruption.


It's often unexpected, leaving us to figure out how to keep things moving without skipping a beat.


There's the immediate concern of how the work will get done in the interim, the impact on our budget, both short- and long-term, and, of course, finding the right person to fill the gap. It's a lot for any manager to handle. 


But here's a tool that can be a game-changer during these times: A hiring checklist.


This isn't just about adding structure to your hiring process; it's about making your life easier by allowing you to delegate tasks efficiently. 


Creating Your Hiring Checklist


So, what goes into this checklist?


Start with the basics: Review the job description and update if needed, write the job posting using a standard template as a guide, list where to post job openings and for how long, and set up your automated screening questions. 


By standardizing these elements, you're not only making the process smoother for yourself but also ensuring consistency and fairness in hiring.


This checklist becomes your go-to guide, saving you time and stress, and letting you focus on finding the best candidate for your team. 


Benefits of a Hiring Checklist


And this is just the beginning.


In the next three videos, I'll delve deeper into building this hiring checklist, covering different aspects in detail to ensure you're fully prepared for any hiring scenario. 


Before we move on, did you know that our website hosts a wealth of Quick Tip videos on topics like marketing, fundraising, financial management, and board governance?


Just go to and click on 'Industry Insights' at the top of the home page to explore. 


Imagine having a roadmap that guides you through every hiring phase, from posting the job to making an offer.


That's what a well-crafted hiring checklist can do for you.


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