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Plan Ahead for Leadership Transitions

When it comes to board leadership transitions, it's easy for boards to lose momentum and slip into a sluggish start to a new fiscal year.

Here are three key points to consider to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

Prevent momentum loss

Leadership transitions can create a gap in the board's direction and focus.

Don't wait until new leadership is on board to start planning the next year.

Keep the momentum going by setting up committees and task forces in advance.

This provides the structure necessary to maintain progress during the transition.

Structure for a smooth transition

The most effective plans are ones developed in advance.

Start well in advance by mapping out a calendar for the entire year.

This way, you have a full 12 months to achieve your goals, ensuring a seamless transition that doesn't waste valuable time.

Committees and goals

Before new leadership takes the helm, work with them to establish committees with clear objectives and action plans.

By doing so, you provide continuity and ensure that the organization's critical work continues uninterrupted.

These committees can serve as a driving force during the transition, maintaining the board's focus and productivity.

Today's Quick Tip emphasizes the importance of not waiting until new leadership is on board to start planning.

Prevent momentum loss, structure for a smooth transition, and establish committees with clear goals.

By following these practices, you'll ensure a seamless transition that sets your arts and cultural organization up for success.


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