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Review Your Sub-Donor List For Board Prospects

When it comes to building your board of directors, it's crucial to think beyond the usual suspects. Here are three key points to consider when reviewing a list of subscriber-donors for prospective board members.

Break the recycle cycle

Boards tend to recycle the same individuals over and over because we often rely on the people we already know. By intentionally expanding your search to include subscriber-donors, you open up a wider pool of potential board members who may bring fresh perspectives, ideas, and experiences to your organization.

Loyalty and support

Subscriber-donors have already demonstrated their loyalty to your organization by donating and subscribing. Their commitment to your mission and values is evident through their ongoing support. By tapping into this group, you have the opportunity to engage individuals who are already invested in your organization's success.

The act of giving

When building your board, remember that the amount of support is less important than the act of giving and subscribing. It's the act itself that showcases an individual's belief in your organization and their willingness to contribute. Focus on identifying individuals who align with your values and have a genuine passion for your cause.

So there you have it! Today's Quick Tip highlighted the importance of reviewing a list of subscriber-donors when building your list of prospective board members. Break the recycle cycle, value loyalty and support, and prioritize the act of giving. By expanding your search and considering these factors, you'll assemble a board that is diverse, committed, and aligned with your organization's mission.


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