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Designate a Gatekeeper Before Vacation

Today, we're wrapping up our series on achieving a healthier work-life balance with our third tip.

Managing Phone Calls on Vacation

Even though I was checking my email each day on vacation, I still had my phone with me. And a lot of people had my phone number!

It was hard managing intrusive phone calls.

I could turn it off, but what if there was an emergency? I could keep it on, but then I'd feel like I needed to answer. 


So, I designated someone on staff to be my gatekeeper while I was away.

The Gatekeeper

There was only one person's call I would answer while on vacation—my designated gatekeeper. The gatekeeper's job was to determine if something could wait until I returned or be handled by someone else.  


I also changed my voicemail greeting, referring work-related callers to my gatekeeper for assistance, and mentioning that I was not checking voicemail until I returned.

That was the other half of the puzzle that allowed me to fully relax on vacation. I was covered with email and phone calls. 


And the result?

I had the most amazing, relaxing vacation for the first time in over a decade.

And that's my wish for you, the reader.


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