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Include a Cash Flow Forecast with your Annual Budget

You may feel confident knowing 'when' your organization will face a cash shortfall, but if you don't know by 'how much,' you're gambling with your organization's stability.

A detailed cash flow forecast is your crystal ball for financial planning.

The Risk of Unknowns

Not knowing the amount of your cash shortfall is like navigating a ship through fog—you're bound to hit something.

Pinpointing the timing and amount of a cash shortfall illuminates your path, allowing you to avoid potential dangers.

Planning Ahead

Identifying these shortfalls in advance gives you the upper hand.

It's about having a plan before the storm hits, not scrambling for a lifeboat in the middle of a tempest.

Cost of Reactivity

Reacting to a cash shortfall in real-time can be like buying an umbrella in a downpour—it's going to cost you.

You'll likely face high-interest rates and unfavorable terms, draining resources that could be used for growth.

Including a cash flow forecast with your annual budget is a smart move. It empowers you to strategize, not just survive. Take action early and guide your organization to a secure financial harbor.


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