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Pay More Attention to Your New Subscribers

Your new subscribers are like a breath of fresh air for your organization. 


They've taken a leap forward, but remember, this doesn't mean you have them for life.  


Let's explore why paying extra attention to them is so essential.  


​Ensure Attendance 


​The first step in nurturing new subscribers is to make sure they're attending performances.  


If they're not using their subscription, they're less likely to renew it.  


Keep an eye on their attendance and reach out if you notice they haven't been to a performance. 


Renewal Guidance 


Next, when renewal time approaches, provide your new subscribers with additional information on how to renew their subscription.  


Remember, it's their first time renewing, so they may need a bit more guidance.  


Show Extra Love 


Finally, give your new subscribers some extra love throughout the entire season.  


Offer them an unexpected treat, place a note of appreciation on their seat, or invite them to a casual pre-performance reception.  


This not only draws them closer to your organization but also increases the likelihood of long-term loyalty.  


By paying more attention to your new subscribers, you're not only securing their immediate commitment but also setting the stage for a lasting relationship.  


It's about fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation.  


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