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​​Turn Up the Marketing When You Have a Hit​

​​When a show is in high demand, it's a golden opportunity.  


​But what many organizations miss is the chance to turn that demand into a significant success.  


​Here's how to do it right. 


​Keep Marketing Until Sales Slow Down 


​It's tempting to think that once a show achieves its revenue goal, it doesn't need more marketing.  




​If you have a show that achieves budget a couple of weeks or more in advance, keep your foot on the gas and lean in more until either sales start to slow down or, even better, until the show sells out. 


​Calculate ROI for Extra Marketing 


​Now, I know what you might be thinking—'What about the budget?'  


​Yes, it's essential to be mindful of your marketing budget.  


​But consider the potential return on investment.  


​If extra marketing can fill more seats, it's often worth spending a bit over your budget. 


​I suspect no one is going to complain if you exceed the marketing budget by $3,000 but exceed the sales budget by $10,000.  


​Rare Opportunities 


​I’m sure you’ll agree that shows in higher-than-expected demand are rare.  


​But when they happen, they are wonderful opportunities to make up for lesser performing shows or build a cushion for later in the season.  


​Don't squander that chance!  


​Go all in and maximize your success.  


​By turning up the marketing when you have a popular show, you're not just capitalizing on its success, but also setting the stage for more exceptional seasons ahead.  


​It's about seizing the moment and making the most of it.  


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