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Making a Great First Impression with Your New Hire

It's easy to overlook the importance of a new employee's first day.

We often focus so much on filling the position that we forget how critical a good start is for new team members. 


Common First Day Mistakes

Imagine this: You've finally found someone for that job that’s been vacant for six months, and you can’t wait for them to begin work.

When that day arrives, you hurriedly introduce them to the staff, halfway clean off a desk, and, after a trip to the finance office to fill out some paperwork, you throw them in the deep end. 


Effective Onboarding Strategies

Now, imagine a different approach.

Before your new hire starts, you send them an orientation packet, prepare their workspace, and ensure all necessary tools and access are ready.

You meet them personally on their first day, already having laid out a clear agenda.

This method not only reduces stress but also sets a tone of organization and welcoming from the start. 


Pre-Planned First Day vs. Ad-Hoc First Day

The difference is clear.

With a little planning, you can turn their first day from potentially overwhelming to positively memorable.

This not only helps your new hire feel valued and prepared but also sets the tone for their journey with your organization. 


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