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Hire Smarter with Testing

There's only so much you can ascertain by talking with someone, which is why, over my career, I've incorporated a mix of timed and untimed tests to measure applicants' proficiency across various skills.

For instance, for an administrative support role, I might include tests for 'Attention to Detail' and 'Filing'; whereas for a box office position, tests might cover 'Customer Care Ability' and 'Sales Potential.'" 

Some tests, like a 'Workplace Personality Profile' and 'Applicant Potential,' are universally helpful, no matter the position.

These tools have not only saved me from hiring a few smooth talkers who weren't right for the job but also have consistently helped in making better, more informed hiring decisions. 

However, it's essential to go into this with your eyes wide open. There are hundreds of pre-employment assessment resources online. 


Always Consult Legal Advice Before Testing

Before implementing any form of pre-employment testing, always consult with an attorney to ensure compliance with employment laws. For a reliable starting point, check out resources from the Society of Human Resource Management, or SHRM. 


Integrating tests into your hiring process can seem daunting, but with the right legal safeguards and resources, it can transform your hiring strategy and help you secure the best talent for your organization. 


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