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Use Screening Questions at the Beginning

Hiring the right talent is crucial for any organization, but sorting through dozens of applications can be overwhelming. Today, I'm going to share a simple yet effective strategy to streamline your hiring process: using screening questions before ever looking at a resume. 

Why Use Screening Questions?

Before diving into piles of resumes, it's important to filter out candidates who might not be a serious fit. Screening questions allow applicants to self-select out of the process, saving you valuable time and effort. This means you spend more time focusing on candidates who are genuinely interested and qualified.

How to Implement Screening Questions

Here's how it works. Develop a template email with 3-5 essential questions related to the job's basic qualifications and skills. Most of these should be yes or no questions like,

  • "Can you work flexible hours during event days, including evenings and weekends?"

  • "Do you have experience using ticketing systems?"

In addition to these yes or no questions, also include at least one question that requires a brief narrative response to gauge communication skills and commitment. For example,

  • "Briefly describe your experience, if any, working with volunteers."

Once you receive an application, simply send this screening email. Give candidates 3-5 days to respond, making it clear that their reply is necessary to continue in the hiring process. Non-serious applicants typically won't bother replying, while those genuinely interested will take the time to answer. 

By implementing this method, you'll not only streamline your hiring process but also ensure that those who advance are the ones most likely to be a good fit for your organization. 


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