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Use the Right Kind of Marketing

Marketing isn't just about getting new patrons; it's equally about retaining the patrons you already have.

And here's the key: Not all marketing is created equal.

There are two main types: Direct Marketing and Indirect Marketing.

Knowing when to use each is crucial.


Direct Marketing for Existing Patrons

Direct marketing is your most effective tool for reaching your existing patrons.

These are the people who are already in your database, and you want to keep them engaged.

Use your database to send tailored messages, retain them, and encourage upgrades.


Indirect Marketing for New Patrons

On the flip side, indirect marketing is your go-to for reaching people who aren't already in your database—your potential new patrons.

This includes strategies like demographic targeting, print ads, and billboards to broaden your audience.


Why is all of this important?

Direct marketing is the only way to ensure your message gets to the specific people you want to see it—your loyal patrons.

On the other hand, indirect marketing is your ticket to reaching those who aren't yet familiar with your organization.


To thrive, you need both.

Focus your direct marketing efforts on retaining and upgrading your existing patrons.

Use indirect marketing to attract new ones and expand your reach.


Remember, marketing isn't a one-size-fits-all game.

Tailor your approach to your audience, and you'll not only retain your loyal patrons but also welcome fresh faces into your cultural community.


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