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Use Benefits to Encourage Mid-Level Donations

When it comes to fundraising, your patrons who are already donating at smaller amounts are your prime candidates for mid-level contributions.

So, let's explore how to motivate them to deepen their connection to your organization.

Here are three key points to consider:

Grow the connection

These patrons are looking for benefits that strengthen their bond with your organization.

Think about offering perks like access to a donor lounge for a more exclusive experience, opportunities to attend open rehearsals and witness the creative process up close, or invitations to special, behind-the-scenes events.

These connecting benefits show them you value their commitment and want to involve them more deeply.

Create an incentive ladder

Encourage patrons to step up their support by having a 'carrot' at each donor level.

For instance, if someone increases their donation, they could gain access to even more exclusive events or receive personalized acknowledgment in your programs.

These incentives can motivate donors to move up the ladder and increase their support.

Tailor benefits to their interests

As a donor increases their giving to your organization, take the time to understand what aspects of your organization resonate most with them.

If someone has a deep love for a specific art form, offer benefits related to that interest, such as private tours with a member of the curatorial team or opportunities to meet the performers.

Personalization can go a long way in strengthening their connection.

By doing these three things, you'll not only boost your fundraising efforts but also deepen the relationship between your organization and your dedicated patrons.


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