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Make an Onboarding Checklist

Hiring new staff isn't something that happens every day in many small to mid-sized arts and cultural organizations, which makes it even more crucial to get it right.

The key to consistency?

An onboarding checklist. 

Document Everything

The next time you hire someone, write down each step you take, from setting up their email account to scheduling their first week’s meetings.

This will form the basis of your checklist. 

Plus, this real-time documentation will capture details you might otherwise forget. 

Refine and Enhance

Once you have the basics down, review and improve your checklist.

Use your notes to create a comprehensive checklist.

This should include administrative tasks, IT setups, introductions, and any initial training sessions. 

Also ask recent hires for feedback and incorporate their suggestions to make the process even smoother. 

Implement Systematically

With a comprehensive checklist, you'll ensure that nothing is missed and that each new team member has a consistent, welcoming experience.  

An onboarding checklist doesn’t just help new hires; it’s a tool for you to free up mental space and focus on welcoming and integrating your team member without the stress of remembering each small task. 

PS: Need some inspiration to create your onboarding checklist?

Download our free New Hire Toolkit, which has a checklist plus template forms and documents to support the onboarding process.  


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